Restoring pieces of furniture and interiors


Antique furniture and their past owners, with whom people often have a special bond, evoke memories and emotions. These emotions may make you decide to have a cupboard, a wardrobe, a chair or a table restored. For such restoration work, the love and devotion of experts is indispensable. So, too, is their dedication to obtaining the best possible result.


That’s the sort of expert we are. In most cases, pieces of furniture that come in for restoration tell their own stories. The same is true of what we call “old sores” – the flaws already there, that were caused not by leaks or fire for instance. In consultation with the client, a decision will be taken on what should be done, to what extent the old sores should be left, and what the cost will be. We never carry out rigorous restoration, in the sense that everything is stripped bare and polished to a shine. The small, characteristic traces of years of use are left. They form part of the object, are characteristic of it. That is what you call restoring with respect.

  • We have been restoring and conserving antique furniture and interiors, including period rooms, since 1984. Our clients include private individuals, museums, the Central Government Real Estate Agency, church institutions, foundations and insurance companies. When necessary, we work closely with experts in other fields. The work, price and time involved are always discussed in advance with the client and confirmed in writing.

  • Much of our work is for private individuals. There is no job too small (or too large) for us.

  • We have years of experience restoring panelling, old wooden floorboards, parquet floors, staircases, stairwells and other complicated carpentry. We do authentic restoration work and carry out maintenance of the object.

  • In addition to restoration work, we also do upholstering (using traditional methods), rushing, matting and the elimination of woodworm.

We restore historic interiors, both for private clients and for the Central Government Real Estate Agency. This generally includes original wall coverings, doors, staircases, ceilings and floors. Municipal and provincial authorities often ask us to restore furniture that is still in use.


We have been working on unique and striking projects for over thirty years now.